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Missouri Compliance Demo

The Missouri web-based monitoring system known as IMACS is a comprehensive data management, tracking, and reporting system developed by Leader for the state Division of Special Education (DSE) and Missouri LEAs. This .NET and SQL-Server-based system runs in common web browsers and incorporates modules for improvement planning, file reviews, administrative reviews, corrective action planning, and more. A key system component retrieves data from a state data warehouse for each individual LEA and compares it to state targets for key State Performance Plan indicators, displaying the results both graphically (pie charts and longitudinally) and in table formats.

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Pennsylvania Compliance Demo

The Pennsylvania web-based monitoring system known as CMCI is composed of two main modules. A Facilitated Self Assessment (FSA) that LEA's that are chosen for monitoring go thru prior to the PA Bureau of Special Education performing an onsite visit. The self assessment includes showing longitudinal data in key areas such as graduation and dropout as well as LRE data and includes an Educational Benefit Review (EBR) where schools compare IEP's over a 3 year period to see if a student's goals are appropriately changing to their needs. Questions can be linked to SPP indicators and appropriately reported out. The SEA side includes a CAV (Corrective Action and Verification Plan) and both Systemic and Individual correction action tracking.

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