Why Leader?

Leader Services has been providing solutions to state education agencies for over 15 years and solving the technology needs of other types of organizations large and small since 1968.

  • In Pennsylvania, Leader provides solutions for Medicaid reimbursement, IDEA Performance Monitoring, contingency funding for special education, federal program monitoring, Individualized Education Programs and related document management, and numerous custom web applications for state and local education agency needs.
  • Leader has provided a comprehensive web-based solution for compliance monitoring to Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education since 2007.
  • Leader has developed a reporting system for the use of restraints for the PA Department of Education and PA LEAs. Each time a restraint is used, PA LEAs log on to a secure web-based application and report it to PDE, enabling the state education agency to review and track this important concern

Continued success in Pennsylvania with IDEA Performance Monitoring

Man and woman looking at laptopSince 2001, over 500 LEAs have been monitored through Leader's IDEA Performance Monitoring system in Pennsylvania. Leader staff have continued to work closely with PDE, supplying custom ad-hoc reports as requested, many times in a short timeframe. Leader’s responsiveness has proven crucial to providing an outstanding level of service to PDE.

The process has been periodically enhanced to meet PDE’s growing needs, incorporating specific modules for other education entities (charter schools, approved private schools, correctional facilities) as well as focused monitoring components and an early intervention system to handle the monitoring requirements of PA's Preschool Program.

The process has been deemed highly successful for the Pennsylvania Department of Education and PA LEAs, resulting in successive renewals of our contract in 2001, and most recently, in December 2005.

In 2008, the compliance monitoring application for Pennsylvania was rewritten using Microsoft's .NET framework, taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies to continue to meet Pennsylvania's evolving needs.

Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Federal Monitoring System

In late 2004, the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Federal Monitoring (BFM) contracted with Leader to provide a web-based application for monitoring LEA compliance with the requirements of federal grants (Title I, Title II Parts A and D, Reading First, etc.) awarded to PA LEAs. Leader completed the FedMonitor application in early 2005 under a tight deadline. The application follows a similar model to the CMCI model used in the Special Education process, incorporating a self-assessment at the LEA, followed by monitoring and corrective actions. Again, the process involves a finalization process by the LEA, the generation of the printable PDF review document, and online review by PDE staff.

Leader Services continues to respond to the needs of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and over 500 school districts statewide.