Why Leader?

Leader Services has been providing solutions to state education agencies for over 15 years and solving the technology needs of other types of organizations large and small since 1968.

  • In Pennsylvania, Leader provides solutions for Medicaid reimbursement, IDEA Performance Monitoring, contingency funding for special education, federal program monitoring, Individualized Education Programs and related document management, and numerous custom web applications for state and local education agency needs.
  • Leader has provided a comprehensive web-based solution for compliance monitoring to Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education since 2007.
  • Leader has developed a reporting system for the use of restraints for the PA Department of Education and PA LEAs. Each time a restraint is used, PA LEAs log on to a secure web-based application and report it to PDE, enabling the state education agency to review and track this important concern

Easier IDEA compliance monitoring for state education agencies

Every state faces the daunting task of ensuring their local education agencies (LEAs) are in compliance with state and federal regulations for their special education students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

"In many states, the long-standing history of noncompliance with the requirements of IDEA by LEAs is due primarily to the SEA's failure to develop and implement an effective special education monitoring system - one that both identifies and corrects deficiencies in the LEA's policies and practices."

-Southern Disability Law Center 2002 Report

IDEA Performance Monitoring, a statewide web-based application specifically for state departments of education (SEAs), simplifies the traditionally slow, cumbersome paper process of monitoring compliance.

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This data collection and analysis application makes instituting a continuous and focused monitoring process much more timely, efficient, and cost-effective:

  • Ensures quicker turnaround and data analysis
  • Provides more effective communication with LEAs on improvement areas
  • Provides longitudinal data for both SEA and LEA levels
  • Provides critical data required by the Annual Performance Reports (APR) and State Performance Plan (SPP) quickly

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